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Energy Future Tour

Energy Future Tour across the Austrian Danube Regions

The „Energy Future Tour across the Austrian Danube Regions“ took place between August 1st until August 5th 2016 and was organized by eNu in the framework of the working group “Sustainability, Energy and Environment” of the Working Community of the Danube Regions. Participants from different EU-Countries visited flagship projects and organisations in Austria.

The participants of the Energy Future Tour originated from Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Slovakia. During this 5-day trip the participants visited companies and research institutions in the Austrian member regions of the Working Community of the Danube Regions: Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Vienna and Burgenland. Young persons of the Danube regions wer shown innovative ways of renewable energy generation and efficient energy use and got the possibility to develop a vision of a possible energy future in their region. The Energy Future Tour should reveal paths towards an energy revolution in the Danube Regions.

Detailed information on the tour can be found in the Energy Future Tour Programme.

The Austrian Danube Regions

The Working Community of the Danube Regions was founded in the year 1990 to promote the cooperation between their member regions in subject areas such as economy, nature and environmental protection, transport and spatial planning. Cooperation between these regions is a key component of economic development of the Danube regions. The government of Lower Austria is leader of the working group “Sustainability, Energy and Environment”.

The eNu - Energy and Environment Agency of Lower Austria supports the government of Lower Austria in the coordination and implementation of projects within the framework of the working group “Sustainability, Energy and Environment” such as the Energy-Future-Tour.

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