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About us

Shaping the future together.

We support and shape the state's goals, provide answers to ecological challenges of our times, give impulses for sustainable action and achieve these through innovative projects. The experience and know-how of our employees feed into our many initiatives.

A sustainable future is possible. And it is even easier to achieve if every citizen, every business and municipality and every individual actively joins in the effort. With the Energy and Environment Agency of Lower Austria – and if we all pull together – we can shape the future!

Stephan Pernkopf, vice governor

The central goal we pursue is to improve the quality of life for every individual in Lower Austria. Join us in working to achieve this goal. The Energy and Environment Agency of Lower Austria will be happy to provide you with assistance relating to any matters concerning energy, environment and nature conservation!

Herbert Greisberger and Christian Milota,
CEOs of the Energy and Environment Agency of Lower Austria

Who we are addressing

We support the population as it progresses towards an independent energy future, gains awareness in the area of nature conservation and works to preserve a viable environment.

Municipalities and public facilities are important partners for us in terms of the implementation and achievement of environmental protection, nature conservation and climate goals.

We support companies on the road to sustainability, facilitate the marketing of their regionally produced foods and serve as a port of call for energy technology providers.

Represented in all regions

With office locations in Amstetten, Hollabrunn, Mödling, St. Pölten, Wiener Neustadt and Zwettl, eNu is represented state-wide. The regional structure makes it possible for our employees to provide competent assistance directly on site, to ensure the best possible support to regional projects and to build cooperation with local partners.


The Energy and Environment Agency of Lower Austria (eNu) was established as a GmbH (Austrian LLC) in 2011. It is wholly owned by the state of Lower Austria. Lower Austrian Energy and Environment Agency Betriebs-GmbH – a fully owned subsidiary of the Energy and Environment Agency of Lower Austria – is the consultancy and economic implementation agency for eNu, with a wide range of clients.


The Energy and Environment Agency of Lower Austria has been awarded with the Austrian Eco-label for Educational Institutions at its location in St. Pölten. eNu/Education & Knowledge is listed as an Ö-Cert quality provider of adult education.