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Our projects

Becoming active together.

Our work encompasses the preparation, processing and targeted distribution of information and knowledge related to natural resources, responsible consumption and a sustainable lifestyle. Innovations are put to a practical test in the context of pilot projects.

Naturland NÖ

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Raising awareness of the value, diversity and services provided by nature and natural resources.

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Support to municipalities in implementing and evaluating long-term energy efficiency and climate protection measures.

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Kick-Off-meeting in Ljubljana

Building on the concept of Smart Villages towards a transnational and EUSALP-integrated Smart Community in the Alps

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Smart Villages

Project Partners

Smart digital transformation of villages in the Alpine Space

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Exploratory study EnergyLab East


This project examines the energy transition in Austria's Eastern regions with a high utilisation of renewable energy.

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Procurement electric vehicles

Grafik Beschaffung e-Fahrzeuge

Support to Lower Austrian municipalities, offices and state-related organisations in procuring electric passenger cars and electric utility vehicles.

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