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Exploratory study EnergyLab East

This project examines the energy transition in Austria's Eastern regions with a high utilisation of renewable energy.



EnergyLab East

Project description

The exploratory study "EnergyLab East" aspires to establish the region of Lower Austria-Vienna-Burgenland as a Europe-wide showcase region for the development of renewable energies and their integration into the grid and to prepare specific implementation projects. The project focuses mainly on meeting the demand for power using domestic ecological power plants to the largest extent possible and the integration of a fluctuating energy supply from wind and photovoltaic power sources into the region's power grid.

Project objectives

  • Development and coordination of an energy guideline for Austria's Eastern regions
  • Development of cross-state energy scenarios taking technical and economic synergies into consideration
  • Description and assessment of specific research and implementation projects for future realisation in a project cluster in the showcase region
  • Description of a possible management structure for the project cluster

Project website

Project period

July 2016 to June 2017


Lower Austrian Energy and Environment Agency GmbH (eNu)


The project is supported with funds from the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund and is carried out in the context of the Showcase Region Energy programme.


EVN AG, WIENER STADTWERKE Holding AG, Energie Burgenland Green Power, GmbH, TOB – Technologieoffensive Burgenland GmbH (now Forschung Burgenland), TINA Vienna GmbH, Vienna University of Technology – Institute of Energy Systems and Electrical Drives