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Support of Lower Austrian Genuss Regionen – Regions of Delight

Expert support of the approximately 30 Lower Austrian "Genuss Regionen" by BeNu.


Project description

With its 110 "Genuss Regionen", the initiative GENUSS REGION ÖSTERREICH – some 30 of them in Lower Austria – stands for regionality, authenticity and seasonality. At its core is creating awareness for the links between cultivated landscapes and food production.

From 2012 to 2015, BeNu was responsible for the support of Lower Austrian "Genuss Regionen". It provided them with expert support for the implementation of innovative projects, further project development, sustainable marketing measures and regional events.

Project objectives

  • Making regional, agricultural products and culinary specialties visible
  • Raising awareness for locally produced foods
  • Promoting the sale of regional foods
  • Strengthening cooperation initiatives between agriculture, industry, gastronomy and tourism
  • Developing local "Genuss Region" associations
  • Introducing a continuous quality and traceability system in the individual "Genuss Regionen"

Project website

Project period

2012 to 2015

Lead in Lower Austria

Lower Austrian Energy and Environment Agency Betriebs-GmbH


The support to the "Genuss Regionen" in Lower Austria is funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD).