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"We are e-mobile" campaign and e-mobility day

Creating awareness for e-mobility in Lower Austria to convince citizens to convert to electric cars when they change vehicles.

e-Mobilitätstag 2017



Project description

The future of mobility has already begun. Vehicles operated with renewable power make environmental and economic sense and do not cause climate-damaging emissions. Whether for shopping or going to work, an electric car can tackle any everyday challenge. But individuals need to make their own experiences in this respect, before ultimately deciding to switch to an electric vehicle.

An important aim of this project was to make e-mobility tangible and accessible to Lower Austrians by virtue of various awareness building and marketing campaigns.

Project results

  • Organisation of three Lower Austrian e-mobility days (NÖ e-Mobilitätstage) in Melk so far, with over 5,000 visitors each
  • Realisation of the project "EmoX – experiencing e-mobility"
  • PR and marketing – support of the 6/60 test campaign by the state of Lower Austria (6-day test drive for € 60)
  • Organisation of four regional e-mobility days
  • E-mobility "fact check" to debunk e-mobility myths
  • Provision of an e-mobility information set for people interested in EVs
  • Press campaign "Switching from fossil to EV"
  • Provision of information materials and EVs at the e-mobility test campaigns in all of Lower Austria.
  • Theme setting via press conferences and press releases
  • Various presentations on the topic of e-mobility

Project website

Project period

2015 to 2017

Lead in Lower Austria

Lower Austrian Energy and Environment Agency GmbH (eNu)


ecoplus. The Lower Austrian Business Agency, EVN, etc.