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Naturland NÖ

Raising awareness of the value, diversity and services provided by nature and natural resources.

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Lower Austria's natural environment is diverse and valuable. As such, it deserves to be protected, in particular with a view to conserving and promoting biodiversity.

Naturland Niederösterreich has set itself the objective to put a spotlight on the state's natural diversity, create awareness for the value and the necessity of conserving our natural habitats and to feature people and organisations who work to preserve them.

The website of Naturland Niederösterreich is THE platform via which to collect and process knowledge about areas of conservation, natural habitats and projects in Lower Austria, initiate cooperation projects and communicate common features.

This initiative has been funded with support from the state of Lower Austria. This publication reflects the views only of the authors, and the state of Lower Austria cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.