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School kit on air as a means to life and resource

Promoting a stronger focus on the importance of clean air in Lower Austrian schools.

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Project description

The school package "Air as a means to life and resource" was developed by eNu and the systems technology department with a view to promoting a focus on the topic of air in Lower Austrian schools in the coming years. It is made up of the bookable school workshop "ÜberLebensmittelLuft" for grades 5 to 8, training for educators and multipliers on the topic of "air as a means to life" and air kits that can be borrowed by educators and multipliers for free to educate on the topic of air in class autonomously and in an engaging manner.

Project results

  • The students are aware of the significance of clean air as a means to life, know what air pollution implies and know the sources of pollutants, what pollutants there are and what they can do about them.
  • The educators are provided with methods and options to integrate the topic of air as a means to life and air pollution into class.
  • Awareness for the topic of air and air pollution is promoted.

Project website

Project period

2015 to 2017


Lower Austrian Energy and Environment Agency GmbH (eNu)


Office of the Lower Austrian Regional Government, System Technology Department