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Our topics

The focus of our work ist on the competence fields of energy, climate, environment, nature, mobility and cuisine.


Pushing the energy transition forward.

What energy sources will we use to cover our energy needs in the future and how will we reduce energy consumption? An answer to this is provided by the Climate and Energy Programme of Lower Austria. This comes combined with ambitious goals: Lower Austria aspires to become Europe's showcase region for the use of renewable energy sources. In terms of electric power, the goal has already been achieved: we generate as much electricity from renewable sources annually as we consume.

Green power for Lower Austria is generated from hydropower, biomass, wind power and solar power. The development of renewable energies goes hand in hand with an increase in independence from international energy exchanges and enables Lower Austria to take a stand against nuclear energy and in favour of climate protection. A more efficient use of energy brings cost savings to private households, companies and municipalities – which are all key ingredients for a successful "energy transition" to which we as eNu are making a significant contribution.


Conserving natural resources.

From the high Alpine Schneeberg mountain to the farmland of the Marchfeld region, from the dry grasslands of the Weinviertel to the peatlands of the Waldviertel, from the Danube wetlands to the primeval forests of the UNESCO natural heritage Dürrenstein – countless bodies of clean water, vast forests and healthy land areas form the habitat for a diverse Lower Austrian fauna and flora. This is what makes these areas worthy of protection, for what is at stake is the conservation and promotion of biological diversity.

eNu creates awareness for this – with the knowledge that natural areas are also used for recreation and the cultivation of regional and seasonal products.

The environment

Acting sustainably together.

The way we treat the environment will decide our future. Because resources on the planet are finite and the limits of growth have already been exceeded. Therefore, it is all the more important to create awareness for necessary changes and to promote sustainable ways of life and economy. eNu supports people when it comes to changing their lifestyles and provides knowledge and action approaches, offering added sustainability as well as tried and tested tips for all areas of life.

One of the greatest leverage factors in making sustainability a basic principle of action, is public procurement. With Lower Austria's sustainable public procurement service (Nachhaltiges Beschaffungsservice NÖ), eNu assists municipalities and public services in achieving the long-term alignment of their procurement activities with sustainable values.


Counteracting climate change.

With its climate and energy programme, Lower Austria has created the framework to work towards this. It focuses on effective but cost-efficient measures for the reduction of CO2 emissions and the programme follows the precept that strengthening individual responsibility for a sustainable lifestyle must be given first priority.

eNu plays a central role in the implementation of the programme. A central part of this effort is also about providing information and pilot measures to support people as they adapt to inevitable global warming.


Opting for regional foods.

A modern and sustainable lifestyle also includes a deliberate focus on the origin and production of our food. When we do our daily shopping, we have the opportunity to opt for fresh and high-quality regional products.

eNu supports producers and suppliers from Lower Austria who commit to responsible and sustainable production. The food is produced and processed on site, the added value remains in the state, jobs are secured, and thanks to the work of farmers, the diverse landscape of Lower Austria is preserved.


Switching to sustainable mobility.

Traffic is responsible for over a quarter of the greenhouse gas emissions in Lower Austria, with an upward tendency. More than half of these emissions are caused by motorised passenger transport. Deciding to leave your car at home and opting for sustainable mobility makes a positive contribution to the (world) climate.

eNu banks on multimodality, meaning a flexible mix of means of transport, and on sustainable forms of mobility. This includes the further development of electromobility and the doubling of everyday bicycling.